If you’re facing early-stage HER2+ breast cancer, you have questions—and they’re probably not all getting answered during a regular office visit. That’s why we asked the top experts in the field to bring you the insight, encouragement and everyday wisdom that can help inform your decisions, big and small, in our FREE five-episode podcast, Recently Diagnosed? What to Expect, with Health Monitor.


Episode 1:
Hear Yale School of Medicine oncologist Maryam Lustberg, MD, explain your diagnosis, and why you have every reason to feel confident about the future.

Episode 2:
Breast surgeon Regina Hampton, MD, walks you through the treatment options that have turned HER2+ breast cancer into a largely curable disease.

Episode 3:
Oncologist Maryam Lustberg returns to explain how you and your doctor will decide the best way to treat your cancer.

Episode 4:
Daniella Chace, MSc, CN, author of What to Eat if You Have Cancer, gives you easy ideas for putting delicious foods in your anti-cancer arsenal.

Episode 5:
Wendy Lichtenthal, PhD, a clinical psychologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering, gives you the coping framework that can help you stay focused and find meaning during your journey.